Welcome to the web site of the Williams Lake Dry Grad Committee, made up of volunteers, who organize and run this annual event.  Our Facebook Page is called, Williams Lake Dry Grad. Last year’s Grad photos are still able to view and there is up-to-date information about this year’s Dry Grad.  Be sure to scroll through the whole page.

 DRY GRAD 2018


There are a few people staying on from last year;

Stephanie Gannon – NEW Chair
Cheryl Walters, Treasurer
Lynn Samson, Prize Team Leader
John Burns, Security Team Leader

However, there are other teams that need leaders to start planning:
Co-Chair – VACANT
Communications – VACANT
Secretary – VACANT
Activities – VACANT
Baggage – VACANT
Decorations – Angie Brinoni
Donations – Patricia Mills
Fundraising – VACANT
Parade – VACANT

Every year each Committee member tries to do their best to help make Dry Grad a success. We learn each year what works and what doesn’t work and try to make it better the next year. I think we’ve discussed a few ideas of a better way for parents to pick up their kids at the end of the night. Last year was not flowing at all. My plan I had didn’t happen and a few things were changed in the end so it didn’t exactly go according to plan, so that will be one thing I hope gets changed this year. Some things have been tried and haven’t worked before. Nothing like trying things that have already been tried, it’s like beating a dead horse. Everyone has an opinion, but please keep that in mind, it’s an opinion and not necessarily fact. We are all entitled to have an opinion on how things are operated. We would love you to share your ideas on how things could run more smoothly and come with a plan on ways to effectively implement them. Contact me to be on the Committee so you can share your ideas and help a team implement your ideas.

We have a great business community and awesome volunteers to work with and it’s always been my policy to appreciate whatever help we get from our community. It’s a delicate balance to treat that relationship with respect and dignity, especially when personalities can clash and you can be personally challenged and questioned at every turn. Though sometimes you may fail and may lose your cool, we all understand the pressures we’re under and realize there’s no hard feelings because it’s all worth it in the end.

It would be really great to start this year with a full Committee to get the planning started earlier than we did last year. We didn’t have a full Committee until almost the end of January and there was a lot of pressure and juggling of balls. I will not be continuing on as Chair or Communications Leader after the first meeting. I will be around for consultation and advice if needed, but I’m sure whoever is in charge will have their own ideas. This is the 30th year that Dry Grad has been around so it’s a big anniversary.

The Committee meets once a month, except in December. Usually by April, you’ll start to meet about twice a month depending on how things are going. You will have a team you create from volunteers that sign up, that you will work with, but you or your Co-team leader are the only ones that are required to be at the meetings.

Please contact me by email at to indicate your willingness to help with planning this year. Or if you need more information, call me at 250-302-8423.


A huge and gracious THANK YOU to all the other volunteers comprised of parents/guardians, family members and community members, who helped last night, for giving us some, or a lot of your time, to make the planning of this event by our Committee members, come to life. Without you, it wouldn’t be possible. Please thank the following team leaders for their self-less dedication and hard work with the Dry Grad Committee:
Amber Nustad & Catherine Grondines – Activities
Tracey Koechl and Susan Williams – Baggage
Christina Smith & Brandy Nasuszny – Cleanup
Dave & Wendy Lewis – Donations
Heather & Ben Berkelaar – Decorations
Adele McLearn & Kara Vogt – Food
Gina Alexander & Nyree Alexander – Fundraising
Lynn Samson & Tracey Widdoes – Parade
Lynn Samson & Tracey Widdoes – Prizes
Stephanie Gannon – Secretary
John Burns & Fred Stafford – Security
Cheryl Walters – Treasurer
I have a few lost and found items at my house. Call me at 250-302-8423 or email to check.
We are also looking for a 1L Blue/Teal Nalgene Water Bottle with skiing and biking stickers on it. It has a blue insert in the lid. It belongs to Lexi Hamm and it may have been accidentally put in someone else’s bag. If you find it in your belongings, please return it to Lake City Secondary School. It will have her name and her ID # C-04-05. Or call me.
Thank you also to our amazingly generous community for all your support of this event.
We saw the grads parade through the City showcasing their formal attire and all looking so dapper. They were directed along a prearranged route by the coordinated efforts of the Parade team.
Just for one night, our grads and their guests, could play on the large inflatables provided by FunZone Rentals from Kamloops (Thank You); test their skill at the poker tables; challenge their knowledge of acronyms; maybe get hypnotized by Colin Christopher (Thank You), or laugh at their friends who did, and work together to escape the room before the zombies got to them. All prepared by our Activity team leaders.
When you wanted your baggage, we had efficient able body people who didn’t mind running up and down those stairs multiple times to make sure you could get relaxed and comfortable, by our Baggage team. They might be feeling a little sore today.
They were able to dance the night away to music by DJ – Lynden Grosso (Thank You), who provided them with a spectacular light show; which only added to the stunning and impressive Neon Black Light Dance Party theme in the Prom area created by the Decorating team. They worked feverishly and tirelessly these last couple months to design and create those spectacular stunning neon decorations, whether at home or in a hotel room somewhere in the province. The candy treats and coffee bar were well received.
They could feast on delicious food, like pizza, caesar salad, sushi, chicken nuggets, taco-in-a-bag, muffins, chicken drumsticks, etc. and indulge any sweet cravings with goodies provided by local food vendors (Thank You) and all organized by our hard working Food team. Thank you for the splendid array of beautiful flowers Adele.
They were kept safe by our hardworking Security team; who had eyes everywhere, inside and out. They were great at keeping the peace and handling any cases that needed extra care and understanding.
At the end of the night, they had a chance to win some tremendous prizes purchased by our remarkable Prize team. They also went home with a gift package containing souvenirs from Dry Grad 2017 and a soft and cuddly blanket with their school logo.
There were many efforts that went on before this night even happened. Our Donations team delivered lots of letters and made lots of phone calls asking support from our community. We were blessed with many generous donations.
Our Fundraising team worked hard to arrange and sell the tickets for the Dry Grad car raffle, in which one person would win a 2017 Chevy Spark. The WINNER is Rowena Bastien.
At every Committee meeting our secretary diligently kept track of what was said so I could remember when my brain and ears weren’t listening.
Last, but not least because they get to do the cleanup in the end, our Cleanup team who made all the decorations disappear with great help from the Volunteer Fire Fighters (Thank You). There were a few early morning risers who came out to clean up the mess left behind as well. There may have been some scrubbing involved this year.
We’d also like to thank the Cariboo Memorial Complex staff for helping us to have a successful night; Alyssa, Geoff, Garry, Darryl, Louie, Megan, Jordan, Kennedy, Jordan and Nick. We are grateful to have such a place to hold this spectacular and fun filled event. Can’t wait for the new pool for Dry Grad 2018.
Another thank you to the City of Williams Lake for allowing us to hold the parade and use their barricades to block off the intersections. We also appreciate and thank the Williams Lake RCMP detachment for escorting us through the city streets and for being a presence at Dry Grad.
Thank you also to all the schools and their graduates who participated in Dry Grad 2017. We appreciate the schools supporting this event and encouraging your students to join in the fun. Congratulations to the graduating classes of Williams Lake!
Please forgive me if I have forgotten to mention a thank you to anyone. We will put a formal Thank You ad in the Williams Lake Tribune soon. Thank you for being patient with me and all my requests for changes to ads we put in the paper. We are ever so grateful for each person who contributes to the success of Dry Grad. May many blessings come your way!
If you did not receive your Dry Grad 2015 or 2016 DVD, contact Marilyn Strohschein @  Each video contains each school’s graduation ceremonies, parade and activities from the night of Dry Grad.  Only those that paid to participate in Dry Grad will be eligible to receive a free copy.  Please share this information with all those grads and their families who participated in Dry Grad 2015 and 2016.

* Denotes areas that require volunteers to have a Criminal Record Check. You are able to apply online through the Criminal Records Review Program. Once I have your name and email address, I can send you a link and access code to apply online.

Please pass this information along to parents/guardians of all Grade 12s and 11s. If we have grade 11 parents help out this year, then next year they are free to enjoy the Dry Grad event without having to lend a hand.

Please contact Marilyn Strohschein @ for more information or to volunteer your time.

See our articles on The Tribune website: Williams Lake Dry Grad 2014 and Dry Grad preparations well on the way!


What is Dry Grad?
Dry Grad is a fun night where graduating students get to celebrate their achievements in an alcohol-free and drug-free environment, which happens on Saturday, June 11, 2016.

Activities for graduates and guests will include: prom /dancing; various games and activities; entertainment; great food, and much, much more.

Participating Schools

  • Cariboo Adventist Academy
  • GROW/Skyline
  • Lake City Secondary School
  • Maranatha Christian School

Location of Dry Grad
The entire Dry Grad event takes place in the Cariboo Memorial Complex. The Grad Parade takes place in the streets adjacent to the complex. See Dry Grad Parade Route for 2017 below: